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Virtual Escape Room Experience

The Great Hogwarts Escape

Welcome to our Escape Room Experience. I created this escape room experience for my scouts to play during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK as part of our virtual meetings. It proved a great hit with both the scouts and their families so I have decided to release it to the wider scouting community to play.

You can either play a solo game or you can play a team game where a group of people can play together in separate locations. During a team game each person can explore the rooms independently but items found are synchronised between all players. I must stress though that this feature is a bit experimental having been developed at speed it has not undergone much testing yet so may be a bit buggy but you are welcome to try it out.

To play a team game you will need a host who will set up and control the game. The host should ideally have played the game in advance so can offer hints if needed. To get access to host a team game please complete the following form:


Number of Escapes Completed:

This escape room is free to play, however if you enjoyed playing and you would like to make a donation to our scout troop you can do so via PayPal


I hope you enjoy playing

Yours in Scouting

Mark Atkinson
16th Wyre Forest (St Michaels) Scout Troop


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